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Tarptautinės organizacijos

Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) www.ccbe.org

International Bar Association (IBA) www.ibanet.org

International Association of Lawyers www.uianet.org

European Bars Federation www.fbe.org

European Lawyers’ Union www.uae.lu

International Criminal Bar www.bpi-icb.org

European Criminal Bar Association www.ecba.org

The association of European Lawyers www.europeanlawyers.org

Council of Europe www.coe.int

European Court of Human Rights www.echr.coe.int

International Court of Justice www.icj-cij.org

International Criminal Court www.icc-cpi.int

Permanent Court of Arbitration www.pca-cpa.org

The organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe www.osce.org

The Digital Forensic Company Cybex www.cybex.es

The European Certificate on cybercrime and e-evidence www.cybex.es/ecce